Rob Reilly

We are deeply saddened by Rob's passing. I guess it is natural, to relive all of our individual experiences with Rob. In doing this, we kind of define the kind of man he was. If you knew Rob for sixty days, or sixty years, as some of the Rosedale gang have, it was quickly apparent, that he was a special person.

Rob's foundation was a stalwart faith, he loved life, warts and all. No random acts of kindness here, Rob lived a life of kindness, with compassion, with integrity, with wisdom, seasoned with that wry wit, that imprinted his smile on everyone he met, and I do mean everyone. 

Rob treated not only each day as a gift, but everyone that crossed his path on that day, as well. If we measure a man by legacy, Rob's is immeasurable. It was apparent at the service, that Rob was universally loved. Many spoke of private and personal wondrous deeds unknown to the others. Showing the pure and unselfish humanity of this great man. In his wake, everything and everyone he has touched, are better than before. As Tom. Sr. said, "We were lucky to have known him"

God will bless Rob Reilly, God has blessed all of us with Rob Reilly.If we could define him, I would say he is a blueprint. He was, and is, a living example of how a life ought to be lived. None could be him, but we could aspire to what we admired about him. Love each other, be there for each other, and at the end of the day; the world is a better place. Rob will be dearly missed, that painful void, that hole in our hearts, we can find comfort in the thought, that it is where Rob passed through.

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