Rules & Policies

Members are asked to pay Phil Pandolfi their $25 annual dues.  If you are sponsoring a new member (wants to be on the sheet) inform them that it costs $25 to enter the club.  Make sure they note on the sheet that they want to join the club.  An email to me would include them on any club mailings.  Five rounds are still required to be on the sheet.  These rounds need not be played on Friday, any round played at Pine Hills with a club member can count, if you notify me with the score. Anyone interested in the June outing contact Roger Chiljean for availability and info.

Members are asked to enforce the following rules:
  1. Roll ball in your own fairway which includes the collar around the green. Rolling should be not more than the length of a scorecard.
  2. Putt out.  Absolutely no gimmies.
  3. Lift rake and place in an unraked trap.
  4. Winter rules, leaf rules, and lift clean and place rules are in effect on a week to week basis. A notice of such will be on the Hcp sheet for that day. (1st hole if I remember.)
  5. Until the renovation of the 5th hole is completed, it will be played from the BLUE TEE BOX.
Members between the ages of 70 and 75 with a handicap over 18 (that's a 91) may elect to play from the gold tees.  For the first 5 rounds, they are assessed two strokes a side for a total of four strokes.  If they wish to be included in the closest-to-the-pin bet, they play the par threes from the white tees.  I'm told this makes the rounds a lot less frustrating.  Make sure you take a mark on the sheet for the gold tees so we know when to drop the adjustment.  At 75, no adjustment is necessary and you may play all the gold tees .

With your help, we will have an enjoyable yet aggravating season.  "The Nature Of The Beast" I guess.